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Red apples and cultural practices that are greener

We adhere to the principles of the IFP (Integrated Fruit Production), which favors practices for protection of the environment, health, safety, product quality and sustainability of the farming business. The IFP includes all aspects of production and establishment of the orchard up to the post-harvest operations.

To sustain our efforts we are members of a technical support club where we can get help from pome fruit production specialists on either a phytosanitary level, pruning, harvest management or on the establishment of new trees.

What are we doing to promote an environmentally safe production? Keep your eyes open on your next visit

  • Insect baiting devices, helping detect and evaluate the number of pest. Based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, we only intervene when their population is too high and cannot be controlled by beneficial insects.
  • Wire mesh guards, helping protect trees against rodents.
  • Cultivation and soil entering of green fertilizers, in periodic blocks to be transplanted helps develop the soil structure, eliminate weeds, control erosion and provide a source of organic matters.

These three examples are only a few elements of the cultural strategies and integrated controls practiced at the Verger Coeur de Pomme.

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